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Guiding people back to the land

I started Little Lighthouse Farm to heal after losing my mom as a way for me to connect with nature and honor her memory. I never imagined my journey would grow into such a platform for advocacy.

My farm focuses on regenerative agricultural practices, sustaining the land and actively working to improve and even restore the earth. By combining these principles with initiatives promoting access to nutritious food, Little Lighthouse Farm contributes to a more equitable and sustainable food system. 


The following causes are the foundation for Little Lighthouse Farm and live in every piece
of soil I drop a seed into and through the crop it produces.


At Little Lighthouse Farm, I am committed to sustainable agriculture practices, the integrated system of plant and animal production practices have on our planet over time.


Through nature, everything in this world is connected and we have a responsibility to our bodies and our planet to create the best version for ourselves and protect our future.

Regenerative agriculture integrity

My goal is to be a force for good when it comes to restoring the health of our planet. Everything I grow, from seed to produce, is done with a commitment to regenerative agriculture. With this approach to farming and land management, the health of ecosystems is enhanced and restored, soil fertility is improved and biodiversity, a sustainable farming practice, provides long term soil health. 


I believe in conducting all my farming practices in an ethical and honest manner, adhering to the principles and values that are the foundation of regenerative agriculture. 

Bridging the gap in food inequity

I believe that inadequate nutrition, due to the lack of healthy food, starts with us. By integrating regenerative agriculture practices into food production systems in food apartheid, or segregated, areas, we can improve access to fresh and healthy food, enhance community resilience, and address some of the underlying issues of inequality and food injustice.

Value in real
life skills

Being able to consult and teach others about sustainable farming in their own backyard is invaluable. 


My garden consulting services provide a platform for education and food literacy initiatives. It offers opportunities for teaching others about sustainable agriculture, healthy eating and basic cooking skills which empower my clients through knowledge and resources to make better informed food choices. 


I strive to contribute to long-term behavior changes and promote healthier lifestyles within the community.

Grow Your Vision

These causes I advocate for are the framework for every choice I make at Little Lighthouse Farm. Whether it’s in the produce I provide, the chickens I care for or the earth I cultivate, I do all under the lens of positively impacting the environment, the community and the human body. 


Whether it’s sustainability or the value in learning a life skill, I hope through your work with Little Lighthouse Farm, these values grow in your heart too. 

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