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Guiding people back to the land

Igniting a passion for regenerative living through sustainable farming practices and quality, organic produce.

the Farm

Farm Fresh Produce

As a regenerative urban farm,
I believe in offering nutrient dense produce, pasture run eggs and organic seeds,  providing quality food you can trust. 



Learn more about my garden consulting services for my neighbors who want to learn how to grow their own edible landscapes.


Much of today’s food is mass-produced, non-organic and grown with pesticides or artificial fertilizers. The art of regenerative agriculture has been lost to big corporations and black-owned farms have become scarce with food insecurity
on the rise


As a black female farmer, I want to ensure my neighbors of all races, backgrounds and ethnicities have nutrient-rich foods. Through sharing my knowledge and experience when it comes to regenerative agriculture, coupled with a deep passion for farming, which is truly ingrained in my DNA, my goal is to help others by providing healthy, accessible produce and educating them on how to sustain their own gardens.  


Real Food

Regenerative farming practices are not a new concept, however they aren’t always used by corporate farmers because it can be time consuming. Finding shortcuts to organic agriculture show in the quality of food produced. 

People want real food they can trust. Food grown appropriately from good soil, eggs produced from happy chickens and seeds that can be planted without concerns over GMOs, or genetically modified organisms.


At Little Lighthouse Farm, you can taste the love I put into my food through the time and efforts of my sustainable farming practices.


As a regenerative urban farm offering nutrient dense produce, pasture run eggs and organic seeds to the community, I believe in providing quality you can trust.  I also offer garden consulting for my neighbors who want to learn how to grow their own edible landscapes.


Value in
Every Bite

My goal is to have my clients feel my passion for sustainable farming and hopefully, have it become their passion. At Little Lighthouse Farm, whether you’re purchasing produce or enlisting my consulting services to learn yourself, I want you to feel good about the value you’re providing to our planet.

Watch Me Grow


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